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July 5, 2016

Tips for getting a parent to a meeting

Recently a number of members have been asking for help in getting a hard to contact parent to attend a meeting at their school. To generate some fresh ideas we thought we’d publish some of the best suggestions posted on our old forum in response to the following question… ‘Hi, I was wondering if anyone has

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March 9, 2016

Plan ahead for meetings with parents

Be clear about the purpose of the meeting. Is it fact finding, information giving, or a mixture of these? Don’t walk into a meeting ‘cold’. Have some thoughts regarding the way forward, but be flexible and willing to listen. Make sure siblings are catered for by providing paper, pens, an iPad or toy box. It

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February 22, 2016

Meeting the parents: Are you ready?

Face-to-face meetings with parents enable you to put names to faces, and are often the first step to developing great working relationships. Building rapport by identifying and discussing student strengths, interests, concerns and possible solutions early in the year can be reassuring to both you and parents. Most meetings early in the year focus on

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June 12, 2012

How to inform parents of issues at parent teacher interviews

Parent teacher interviews offer a great opportunity to build partnerships with your students’ parents. In particular mid-year interviews allow you opportunity to talk with parents about their child’s school progress and any issues the student is experiencing. Planning for an interview with parents of a challenging student, or a student with recently discovered difficulties can provoke

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June 12, 2011

Parent teacher interviews

Are you about to follow up hours of student report writing with parent-teacher interviews? These interviews offer a great opportunity to build partnerships with the parents of your students. To maximise short interview times you need to be highly organised. Make notes for each child. It can be helpful to create an index card or

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