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November 10, 2015

Students who can’t fall asleep at nights

The question below was featured on our forum a few years ago. Since then we’ve had lots of people offer suggestions. We’ve summarised some of the responses. Question ‘As a Year Level Coordinator, parents, one or two students and even a few teachers have asked me for advice about how to advise students about how

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October 15, 2013

Better sleep = better learning

Do you have students who seem to forget everything they learned the day before? There are a variety of reasons why students do not retain learning. One that is often overlooked is lack of regular, good quality sleep.  Poor sleep patterns impact both on learning and wellbeing.  Recent research shows that 65% of Grade 4 students are regularly

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December 4, 2012

Assist tired, upset or grumpy students

This is part two of our Promoting student wellbeing blog. In this post we look at two more factors from our Effective Student Model that helps to build student wellbeing and assist students to manage themselves more effectively at school. See our previous wellbeing blog if you missed part one where we talked about students

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