Learning difficulties screening tool for school beginners

December 7, 2011


FREE learning difficulties screening tool to use with students in the first year of school.  The screening tool can be completed by a pre-school or early years primary school teacher. The person completing the form must have known the child for at least four weeks.

How you use the tool is up to you and your school. Some schools like to screen all children before they begin school, or at the beginning of the year, while other schools only screen students they have concerns about.

Screening students in their first year of school can have positive long-term impacts as it allows any learning issues to be identified early. Early identification of learning difficulties enables teachers to implement appropriate and focused interventions. This in turn will help to reduce the impact of the difficulties on a student’s self-esteem and future academic success.

It must be noted that the screening tool is not a diagnostic test. The screening results will not indicate whether or not the student has a learning difficulty. Rather, the results can indicate that further investigation is warranted to determine if a child has a learning difficulty.  The child’s score on the screening tool will help you determine whether to refer the child on to the special needs coordinator, guidance officer or psychologist to ascertain if further investigation is needed.

Click here to access the FREE screening tool for learning difficulties in students beginning school.

This screening tool is designed for use with students who are beginning school. Depending on which state you are from the first year of school (Year K) may be called Prep in VIC, QLD, and TAS, Kindergarten in NSW and ACT, Reception in SA, Pre-Primary in WA, Transition in NT.

Screening tool for learning difficulties in students beginning school.