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$45 per year


Individual membership entitles one person to access all resources and member benefits. Note, a discount is available to individuals who are part of a group of 8 or more allied health professionals. Email us at and one of our team will contact you.

Ideal for:

  • Anyone working in education
  • Psychologists and other professionals
  • Parent or Carer

$220 per year


A school membership entitles all staff members to access all resources and member benefits.

Ideal for:

  • Whole schools
  • School campuses e.g., Junior secondary colleges


Institutions and associations

We offer attractive discounts for bulk subscriptions. To tailor a package to meet your needs please use the Contact Us button to complete and submit your enquiry and we’ll have one of our team contact you.

Ideal for:

  • School districts, regions or networks
  • Educational or teaching institutions
  • Professional associations

Membership is available to individuals, whole schools, regions or institutions working with children and parents in primary to junior secondary schools.

Membership benefits
  • Unlimited access to ebooklets, resources, screening tools, and practical strategies for working with children, parents, and colleagues
  • Build capacity to link wellbeing and management with teaching and learning
  • Practical support for developing plans for behaviour management, individual learning and school attendance
  • Our blog library offers practical ideas to support healthy psychosocial development, emotional regulation, and effective learning for those with additional needs
  • Communication tips and advice for managing difficult meetings and maintaining the wellbeing of yourself and others
  • Psychologists save time writing recommendations in reports by drawing on strategies described in ebooklets.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide if you can assist me?

We provide an excerpt of our ebooklets in the Free Resources Section. You are welcome to read or scan this information to assist your decision. For example, in the Working with children section, there are ebooklets on topics including mental health, wellbeing and the many learning issues that begin in school-age children from age 5 – 14 years. We aim to regularly revise or add to our ebooklets, blogs and resources, to provide strategies to assist with challenges facing children in Foundation to Year 8/9. Each ebooklet addresses evidence-based practical strategies teachers, psychologists and others can use to assist children. In the Working with parents and Working with colleagues sections, ebooklets and resources provide strategies to assist in effectively communicating with other adults, and ways to look after yourself.

We have tailor-made packages for professional groupings of 8 or more. We offer discounts of up to 30% off an individual membership. For example, rather than paying $115.00 for an individual psychologist membership, those in the group would be allocated a code to trigger a discounted price of $80.50. Email us at with your contact details and the individuals who have agreed to be involved. One of our team will contact you.

We offer attractive discounts for bulk subscriptions. To tailor a package to meet your needs click on the Contact Us button above for Institutions and associations. The webform requests your details and those of the organisation, how many members and types of members e.g. TAFE students studying Education 101 will require access, and the number of sites or locations involved. Large scale memberships are always welcome.