This ebooklet provides a brief overview of dyslexia and a wide range of strategies teachers and other school professionals can use to assist the child in the classroom. Relevant strategies can also be easily adapted to be included in student’s Individual Learning Plans and in the recommendations section of psychologist’s reports.

These strategies are designed for use with students in primary and junior secondary schools.

  • Provide support and make accommodations
  • Use multi-sensory approaches across the curriculum
  • Literacy intervention
    • Reading all ages
      • Young readers
      • Readers in Years 3 to 8
    • Writing
    • Spelling
      • When practising spelling words or lists
  • Build working memory
    • Help children believe in their own capabilities
    • Reduce the load on the child's working memory
    • Use meaningful and purposeful learning activities
    • Build personal organisation
    • Build support overlearning at 'personal best'
    • Play games, sports drills and have fun
  • Tests
  • Homework
  • Resources