Summer reading from Psych4Schools

December 7, 2020

We wish you well as you work tirelessly to close off the school year and 2020.

During this summer break, we invite you to read our two new Psych4schools ebooklets to help enhance your school’s capacity to manage some of the potential challenges 2021 may present.

Working with children who fear life-threatening events (revised) provides an overview of fears related to life-threatening local, national or global events such as climate change, bushfires, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, drought, war, shootings, terrorism or pandemics, now or in the future, which can threaten children’s and our sense of safety and control.

The ebooklet provides a wide range of strategies teachers and other professionals can use to assist the child at school or learning remotely. Relevant strategies can also be easily adapted to be included in student’s Individual Learning Plans and in the recommendations section of psychologists’ reports.

The ebooklet Working with children who are conduct disordered and violent provides an overview of Conduct Disorder (CD) and the issues associated with children who exhibit violent, out of control behaviour. It provides a wide range of strategies that principals, teachers and other school professionals can use to assist the child with CD in the classroom and at school, along with suggestions to help manage and prevent crisis situations that may arise.

Both ebooklets are designed to help support students in primary and junior secondary schools.

May your break prove relaxing and provide you with an opportunity to re-charge and feel refreshed for the year ahead.

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Murray Evely,

Psych4Schools Psychologist and Guidance Officer